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SPEAK EASIER: Colombia to Import Kenyan Swahili Teachers

SPEAK EASIER: Colombia to Import Kenyan Swahili Teachers
Francia Marquez and Ruto
Francia Marquez and Ruto 2

Kenya and Colombia signed a deal that will see Nairobi send Kiswahili teachers to Bogota, while Spanish teachers will be sent to the country to teach the language, Colombian Vice President Francis Marquez told her country in May.
Kenya, a founding member of the East African Community, has Kiswahili as one of its official languages.
Kiswahili is the “most international” African indigenous language, and about 10 countries in eastern and southeastern Africa have populations that speak the language.
Kenya and Colombia signed the agreement during a meeting between Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Colombian Vice President Francia Marquez in May.
Marquez, who was in the country for a four-day state visit agreed to strengthen trade ties between the two nations.
The two leaders committed to engaging the relevant national authorities on the establishment of direct flights.
Other agreements signed were the establishment of a joint Commission for Cooperation, and Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

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