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‘Stop the nonsense’, President Ruto to Warring Sudanese Generals

‘Stop the nonsense’, President Ruto to Warring Sudanese Generals

President William Ruto has once again called out the two warring Sudanese generals, military chief Abdel Fattah Burhan and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo for the continued fighting hat is destabilizing the country.

When addressing the Pan-African parliament in South Africa on Wednesday, a tough-talking Ruto told the warring leaders to stop the ‘nonsense’.

“These generals are bombing everything, roads, hospitals, bridges, and destroying the airport using military hardware bought with African money. We need to tell those generals to stop the nonsense”, said Ruto.
He said that military capacity is for fighting criminals and terrorists not for fighting women and children and destroying our own infrastructure.

The Kenyan leader, who has been tasked by a regional bloc, IGAD together with other Heads, to help in reconciling the conflicting groups poked holes in African solutions for African problems, labeling it a fallacy.
“African solutions must look like solutions. How do we say African solutions yet it is funded by our development partners,” asked Ruto

Ruto complained about the African Union Peace Fund being funded by partners more than African countries.
He appealed to the Pan-African parliament to hold the leadership of the African Union accountable.

Fighting has rocked Khartoum and adjoining areas and Geneina in the Darfur region since the warring army and Rapid Support Forces paramilitary force agreed on a declaration of principles on Thursday last week.

The conflict that broke out a month ago has killed hundreds of people, sent more than 200,000 into neighbouring states, displaced another 70,000 inside the country, and risks drawing in outside powers and destabilizing the region.

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