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Ruto Shuffles Cabinet: Foreign Minister Demoted, Envoys Named

Ruto Shuffles Cabinet: Foreign Minister Demoted, Envoys Named
Kenyan President William Ruto shuffled his cabinet on Wednesday and appointed new envoys

Kenyan President William Ruto has made significant changes to his cabinet and the country’s foreign service, in a move that’s expected to reshape Kenya’s diplomatic landscape. The restructuring, announced on Wednesday evening, includes both new appointments and reassignments of key figures within the government.

One of the most notable changes is the demotion of Alfred Mutua, who previously served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora. Mutua has now been reassigned to head the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife. This move marks a shift in focus for Mutua, as he transitions from diplomatic affairs to Kenya’s vibrant tourism sector.

Stepping into the shoes of the former Foreign Affairs Minister is Musalia Mudavadi, who currently serves as the Prime Cabinet Secretary. Mudavadi, a seasoned politician, will be tasked with overseeing Kenya’s foreign relations, diplomacy, and international affairs.

President Ruto has also made several appointments to diplomatic positions around the world. Among these appointments, one of the significant changes is the redeployment of Kenya’s Ambassador to India, Willy Bett, to Beijing, China. This move reflects Kenya’s recognition of the growing importance of its relationship with China, a key trading partner and investor.

In London, Manoah Esipisu has been retained as Kenya’s High Commissioner. Esipisu, a seasoned diplomat and communicator, will continue to represent Kenya’s interests in the United Kingdom.

The list of appointees to various diplomatic postings predominantly includes career diplomats, indicating Kenya’s commitment to deploying experienced individuals to represent the country on the international stage.

Tabu Irina, who previously served as Kenya’s envoy to Japan, has been reassigned to Ireland, where she will be responsible for fostering diplomatic ties between the two nations.

George Orina, who held the position of the Ministry’s Director-General for Bilateral and Political Affairs, has been appointed as Kenya’s Ambassador to Ethiopia.

This appointment signifies the importance of Kenya’s relations with Ethiopia, a neighboring nation with whom Kenya shares close economic and strategic ties.

Additionally, Lt. General Albert Kendagor has been chosen to serve as Kenya’s Ambassador to Israel, strengthening the diplomatic relations between the two countries. He previously served as Amisom now ATMIS force commander.

More to follow.

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