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RACISM: Romania Recalls Racist Ambassador Over Monkey Remark

RACISM: Romania Recalls Racist Ambassador Over Monkey Remark

Nairobi, 10 June- Romania has announced the recall of its ambassador to Nairobi, Kenya, Viorel Tigau following the escalating controversy over a monkey remark made during a recent European diplomat meeting.

The offensive comment, which was perceived as racially insensitive and derogatory, has sparked widespread condemnation and demands for accountability.

The recall of the Romanian ambassador indicates a significant step by the Romanian government to address the concerns raised by the African diplomats and the wider international community. This decision comes in the wake of mounting pressure and calls for a public apology and expulsion of the ambassador.

The monkey remark made by the ambassador drew strong criticism for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and undermining the principles of equality and respect. The African group of diplomats in Nairobi led by the South Sudanese ambassador to Kenya Chol Ajongo have been vocal in demanding a public written apology, emphasizing the need for accountability and cultural sensitivity in diplomatic engagements.

This development raises questions about the future of diplomatic relations between Romania and Kenya and the wider implications for the diplomatic community.



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