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No More Chinese Visa Appointments for Kenyans

No More Chinese Visa Appointments for Kenyans
Chinese envoy to Kenya Zhou Pingjian

Kenyans seeking to travel to China will not longer need to que for visa appointments from November 20. 

In an effort to streamline the process of obtaining a Chinese visa, the country’s embassy in Nairobi said on Tuesday that appointments for visa applications would no longer be available.

“In order to further facilitate the exchange of China and Kenya, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya will completely cancel visa appointments from November 20th, 2023”.  

Part of the notice stated, “During working hours, applicants can submit their visa applications directly to the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in Nairobi.”

Applicants, will be required to fill out the application form accurately online through the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Nairobi website ( ) in advance, download and print the full form, and submit it with other materials at the time of application.  

The visa processing time limit and fees remain unchanged, the embassy said.  

“Considering the possibility of a large number of applicants during certain time periods, it is recommended to arrange the time reasonably and avoid peak hours,” it added.  

Applicants who have already completed online appointments will be given priority for submitting their documents within the corresponding time slot at the appointment date by presenting the confirmation page upon arrival. 

With increased trading, training and education exchanges between Kenya and China, more Kenyans are travelling to various Chinese destinations.  

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