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Nairobi to Scrap Visa Fees for Comorian Citizens

Nairobi to Scrap Visa Fees for Comorian Citizens
A billboard of Kenyan President William Ruto and his Comorian counterpart Azali Assoumani in Moroni, Comoros ahead of Independence Day Celebrations. Photo Courtesy

During a visit to Comoros to celebrate their 48th Independence Day, President William Ruto made a commitment to enhance bilateral relations between Kenya and Comoros.

In his address, he announced that Kenya will abolish visa requirements for Comorians holding valid travel documents by the end of 2023.

This move aims to promote the free movement of people and facilitate closer ties between the two nations.

President Ruto emphasized the importance of collaboration in various sectors, including education, healthcare, agriculture, and security.

To strengthen educational opportunities, he proposed allowing students from Comoros to pursue higher education in Kenya at the same tuition rates as local students.

This initiative aims to foster knowledge exchange and create equal opportunities for academic growth.

The President highlighted the need to harness the shared potential and promote innovation for sustainable economic development.

He emphasized the importance of addressing common challenges such as climate change and regional security through solidarity and cooperation.

President Ruto further commended Comoros for ratifying the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which opens up new possibilities for expanding trade and economic diplomacy between the two countries.

Furthermore, the Kenyan leader extended an invitation for Comoros to join the East African Community, emphasizing the mutual pursuit of prosperity and shared goals within the region.

This invitation underscores Kenya’s commitment to regional integration and the belief in the collective strength of East African nations.

Ruto who has been on a continental and regional charm offensive, less than a year after he was elected President has vowed to abolish visa requirements for African citizens who will be visiting Kenya on business-related matters.

The announcement was a continuation of Kenya’s policy for the integration of Africa, which began gathering steam during the reign of immediate former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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