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Kenyan Foreign Ministry Faces Scrutiny Over Silence on Racist “Monkey” Remark

Kenyan Foreign Ministry Faces Scrutiny Over Silence on Racist “Monkey” Remark

Concerns Mount as Lack of Response Raises Questions about Kenyan Government’s Stance

The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is facing mounting criticism for its silence in response to a protest note submitted by the African diplomats regarding the controversial monkey remark made by the Romanian ambassador, Dragos Viorel Tigau.

As concerns grow, the lack of a formal response from the ministry has raised questions about the Kenyan government’s stance on the matter, despite the Romanian government recalling her envoy on Saturday morning, and apologizing to Africans for the racist remark.

Despite the African diplomats’ clear expression of concern and their demands for action, the absence of a timely and substantive response from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Alfred Mutua has left many perplexed.

The silence has triggered speculation about the government’s position and its commitment to addressing the issue.

The African ambassadors, directly affected by the ambassador’s remark, submitted a formal protest note to the United Nations Director General and copied the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, urging swift action and requesting support in holding the Romanian ambassador accountable.

Kenyan Foreign Policy is in receipt of multiple note verbale’s where the Kenyan Foreign Ministry has been copied but didn’t respond up to date.

The notes highlight the offensive nature of the comment and the need for a public written apology, which has already been issued by the Romanian government.

The Group of African diplomats in a 31 May, meeting held in the same room where the Romanian envoy used a racist remark, called on Kenya to take appropriate action against the diplomat, including declaring Mr. Tigau persona non grata.

This decision was taken by 27 African countries represented by their envoys in Nairobi.

As days pass without an official response from Nairobi, impatience among diplomats and the public continues to grow.

Questions are being raised about the government’s commitment to upholding diplomatic norms, ensuring equality, and addressing racial insensitivity within diplomatic circles.

Experts in international affairs emphasize the significance of prompt and decisive responses by governments in such situations.

They stress that transparency and clear communication are vital to maintaining diplomatic credibility and demonstrating a commitment to resolving disputes.

The absence of a response from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has left room for speculation and concern. The lack of clarity regarding the government’s position on the issue raises questions about their approach to addressing the controversy and safeguarding the interests of the African diplomats.

The public has voiced frustration over the perceived inaction of the Kenyan government. Many individuals especially those on Twitter have called for transparency and accountability, urging the ministry to promptly address the protest note and provide reassurance that the matter is being taken seriously.

“Yet our government didn’t even utter a word about it? We are so useless as a country to wonder everyone tramples on us,” retorted David Bisous in a tweet.

Kenyan Foreign Policy wrote formally to the ministry on Thursday, 8 June, asking for the ministry’s position as well as diplomatic protocols initiated to ensure the matter was handled.

At the time of publication, the ministry had not yet responded to our request.

The delay in addressing the African diplomats’ concerns risks undermining Kenya’s reputation as a host country for international organizations.

Kenya’s Diplomat number one, William Ruto, has previously proclaimed himself on African leaders being mistreated at the global level when they attend foreign summits.



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