Kenyan Fighter Jets Hit Shaabab Towns in Somalia

Nairobi, June 18 2023-Kenyan fighter jets reportedly hit several suspected Al-Shabaab-controlled towns in Somalia on Friday night, days after more than ten Kenyan soldiers were killed by the militant group in Lamu County.

According to reports, suspected Kenyan jets bombed Saakow and Salagle towns including the Hormuud telecommunication center in Saakow, causing damage.

“We are deeply saddened to inform you that our Saakow site in the middle Jubba region, Somalia, was struck by an airstrike last night, June 17, 2023,” tweeted Hormuud Telecom

Without mentioning names, the telecom company further indicated that the site suffered “significant losses and damage”.

Friday strikes follow increased al-Shabaab activities in northeastern Kenya.

There has been no official confirmation by the Kenyan or Somali authorities regarding the reported aerial bombardments.

The airstrikes likely come in response to recent militant attacks in the Kenyan border towns with Somalia.

Fourteen soldiers were killed in Lamu County after they encountered an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which was reinforced with an ambush.

The attack happened in an area, which is under a special operation code-named Operation Linda Boni to flush out the terrorists.

Kenya first sent troops to Somalia in 2011 to join the government’s fight against the radical Qaeda-linked movement.

Al-Shabaab has recently suffered several significant blows, losing most of its strongholds in southern and central Somalia to government and African Union troops.

Nevertheless, the group has continued to launch deadly attacks on Kenyan soil including maiming security personnel.

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