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Australia Appoints Jenny Da Rin as Next Envoy to Kenya

Australia Appoints Jenny Da Rin as Next Envoy to Kenya
Australia's Foreign Minister Penny Wong attends a government swearing-in ceremony at Government House in Canberra on May 23, 2022. Photo: AFP

In a statement released on Sunday, Australia’s Foreign Minister, Senator Penny Wong, officially introduced Ms. Jenny Da Rin as the upcoming High Commissioner to Kenya.

Da Rin is set to succeed Luke Williams, who has been representing Australian interests in Kenya since 2020, as announced by the Australian Foreign Ministry.

The role of High Commissioner to Kenya also includes accreditation to several other East African nations, namely Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania.

This appointment underscores Australia’s commitment to maintaining strong diplomatic ties across the region.

Ms. Jenny Da Rin brings a wealth of experience to her new position. Notably, she has previously served as the High Commissioner in Vanuatu. Additionally, Da Rin has acted as an envoy in Ethiopia and Indonesia, demonstrating a diverse and robust diplomatic background.

She has also served advisor to the Australian foreign minister as well assistant secretary at the department of foreign affairs and trade.

The announcement comes at a crucial time when diplomatic relations and collaboration between nations are paramount.

The High Commissioner plays a pivotal role in fostering connections, advancing mutual interests, and contributing to international cooperation.

Australia’s diplomatic presence in Kenya is multifaceted, covering not only bilateral relations with Kenya but also engaging with neighboring countries.

As the incoming High Commissioner, Ms. Da Rin is expected to continue and strengthen this tradition of diplomatic engagement.

The outgoing envoy, Luke Williams, has played a significant role in advancing Australia’s interests in the region.

During his tenure, he has contributed to various diplomatic initiatives and engagements.

Australia and Kenya cooperate closely across a wide range of areas including climate change, food security and in multilateral forums.


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