Another Embarrassment for Kenya’s Foreign Affairs

President William Ruto and his Foreign Minister Musalia Mudavadi in January 2022. Image: WILFRED NYANGARESI

In a fresh wave of embarrassment for Kenya’s foreign affairs officials, Foreign Minister Musalia Mudavadi has come under scrutiny for a tweet announcing plans to establish a consulate in Delhi, India’s capital.

The tweet, suggesting the plan to permanently create a new diplomatic outpost in Delhi, has drawn mockery and raised questions about the awareness of key offices under the minister’s jurisdiction.

This incident follows closely on the heels of the misidentification of the Albanian President by the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Singo’ei Korir, in a tweet that went viral and attracted criticism.

The string of blunders from top foreign affairs officials has ignited concerns about the precision and competence in the ministry’s communication efforts.

Kenyan citizens on social media platforms are expressing disbelief and concern, with many questioning how the Foreign Minister could be unaware of existing diplomatic missions under his purview.

The reckless nature of the tweet has left some wondering about the attention to detail and awareness within the ministry, especially regarding matters directly impacting the nation’s diplomatic relations.

Kenya has an honorary consul in Mumbai.

Recently, the minister’s office mistakenly used an image of the Greek Prime Minister instead of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken after a call.

These missteps have not been limited to the foreign affairs only. President Ruto’s communication team erroneously stated that he was attending the Arab-Africa forum instead of the Saudi-Africa summit.

Furthermore, a gaffe from State House Kenya led to the issuance of an executive order erroneously downgrading Kenya’s embassy in Indonesia to a consulate.

Observers are raising concerns about the need for due diligence and accuracy in official communications, emphasizing the potential impact on the country’s reputation and diplomatic relations.


Kenyan Foreign PS Mocked for ‘Embarrassing’ Tweet


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