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Kenya Steps Up Diaspora Mobile Consular Services Phase 3

Kenya Steps Up Diaspora Mobile Consular Services Phase 3
Ann Wanjohi, Director Liaison & Partnerships at Diaspora Affairs Department during the mobile consular services and cultural event in Rwanda, March 31. (Photo: State Department for Diaspora Affairs)

The State Department for Diaspora Affairs in Nairobi’s Foreign Office has ramped up efforts to bring services closer to Kenyan citizens living abroad.

The third phase of mobile consular services, launched on March 13, continues to provide vital assistance to Kenyans overseas.

The expedited services offered included passport services, identity card applications, birth certificate applications, and declarations of dual citizenship.

Spearheaded by the dynamic Diaspora PS Roseline Njogu, a team of Diaspora Affairs officials has traversed various continents, including Africa, Europe, Asia, and beyond, to directly assist Kenyans.

Countries lacking Kenyan diplomatic missions have also been visited to ensure that Kenyan residents there receive necessary services.

On Monday, April 1, Kenyan mobile consular services extended to Hawassa city in Ethiopia.

George Orina, Kenya’s ambassador to Ethiopia, led the mission staff in Addis Ababa and the Diaspora team in connecting with Kenyans.

Another exercise happened in Istanbul, Turkiye.

Kenyans from European countries such as Sweden, and Finland have also accessed the services with the exercise having kicked off on Monday last week.

Other countries such as Denmark, Norway accessed the services from March 21 to March 29.

The Mobile Consular Services activated by the government in various countries have made it easier for Kenyans in the diaspora to access essential government services.

And in Rwanda, Ann Wanjohi, who serves as Director, Liaison and Partnerships at the State Department for Diaspora, reiterated the call to the diaspora to invest back home, take part in the skills and knowledge transfer, open up trade routes for Kenyan goods and services as well as finding job opportunities for Kenyans in their host country.

She spoke during a diaspora engagement that doubled up as a cultural event, where she highlighted that the Diaspora Affairs was established for the socio-economic development of the Kenyan diaspora community.

Kenyan High Commissioner to Rwanda, Janet Mwawasi Oben, having a light chat with Kenyans living in Rwanda during the cultural event. (Photo: Diaspora Affairs)

At the same time, Janet Oben who is the Kenyan High Commissioner in Rwanda, committed to working together with the Kenyan diaspora community.

The event followed a successful two-day mobile consular service in Gisenyi, the second largest city in Rwanda, which borders Goma, a city in eastern DRC.

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