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ETHIOPIA CRISIS: Kenya Issues Alert on Amhara Clashes

ETHIOPIA CRISIS: Kenya Issues Alert on Amhara Clashes

The Kenyan Embassy in Addis Ababa has issued an alert, advising its citizens to exercise caution and remain vigilant in light of the ongoing crisis in Ethiopia’s Amhara region.

The embassy’s warning comes days after the Addis Ababa regime declared a state of emergency in Amhara after clashes between the military and local Fano militia.

The fighting that broke out last week has quickly become Ethiopia’s most serious security crisis since a two-year civil war in the Tigray region, which neighbors Amhara, ended in November 2022.

Kenya’s envoy to Ethiopia, Jean Kamau, speaking to KFP acknowledged they have received distress calls from Kenyans in Amhara.

“We are keenly watching the situation with a view to finding the safest and best opportunity to get them out,” said the Kenyan diplomat

A Kenyan, Donnelly Mwachi tweeted that seven Kenyans are trapped in Gondar, Amhara due to the ongoing clashes.

He called for urgent evacuation noting that they were taking refuge in an underground structure with limited access to food and water.

More to follow.

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