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Western Diplomats Call for Dialogue Ahead of Protests in Kenya

Western Diplomats Call for Dialogue Ahead of Protests in Kenya
Tensions are high because of the rising cost of living and unease about government tax plans

Western diplomatic missions in Nairobi have issued a collective statement, calling for an urgent solution to address the ongoing protests carried out by opposition groups in Kenya.

Concerned by high levels of violence, including the use of live rounds and destruction of property, the American Embassy, Australia, Canada, the British High Commission, and several European Union member states have expressed their concerns and called upon the leaders to work toward a swift resolution for the common good of Kenya.

The diplomatic missions, representing influential Western nations, have raised concerns over the escalating tensions and the potential for further damages caused by the ongoing demonstrations.

The statement emphasized the need for a peaceful and inclusive dialogue between the government and the opposition to address the grievances and find a sustainable solution.

“We stand ready to support the parties in their efforts to find constructive and peaceful solutions.

Kenyan President William Ruto says the government will not allow planned opposition protests to take place this week after two rounds of deadly demonstrations.

More than 300 people were arrested in the aftermath of last week’s protests, but opposition leader, Raila Odinga, has called for three more days of protests starting on Wednesday against tax hikes that Ruto signed into law last month.

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