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Kenya Affirms Strong Ties with China at National Day Celebrations

Kenya Affirms Strong Ties with China at National Day Celebrations

Musalia Mudavadi commended the strong fraternal ties between the two countries and expressed Kenya’s appreciation for China’s commitment to the principle of non-interference in its domestic affairs. 

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, and the Chinese envoy to Kenya during Chinese 74th National Day Celebrations in Nairobi, Kenya

Musalia Mudavadi, Kenya’s Prime Cabinet Secretary, represented the government at the 74th anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Nairobi on Wednesday.

He praised the two nations’ strong fraternal connections and conveyed Kenya’s appreciation for China’s commitment to the principle of non-interference in its internal affairs. Musalia lauded China’s outstanding achievements as well as the Chinese people’s tenacity, which have contributed to the country’s astonishing transformation into a modern nation.

Musalia also praised China’s major foreign direct investment in Kenya, notably in crucial infrastructure projects that have aided the country’s development.

“We applaud China’s aggressive FDI, particularly in infrastructure projects.” Let us continue to develop our bonds, improve cooperation, and pursue shared prospects for mutual growth.”

President William Ruto will attend the third Belt and Road Initiative tenth anniversary summit in Beijing. He is anticipated to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the forum, which is scheduled for mid-October.

The initiative’s notable undertakings include the 670-kilometer Standard Gauge Railway connecting Mombasa Port and the Naivasha Dry Port, as well as the Chinese-built Nairobi expressway.

The Chinese Embassy in Kenya successfully organized the event, which drew a broad crowd of diplomats, politicians, and academics. Diplomats such as US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman, Russian envoy Dmitry Maksimychev, and ambassadors from Belarus, Germany, and Israel attended the reception, underlining the importance of China’s relations with many nations.

Ambassador Zhou Pinjian delivered an inspiring address, reflecting on China’s phenomenal progress over the past seven decades. He emphasized the hard work and resilience of the Chinese people, who, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, have surmounted numerous challenges to achieve remarkable national development.

One striking example of China’s progress is the substantial increase in life expectancy. At the time of the PRC’s founding in 1949, life expectancy in China was a mere 35 years. Zhou noted it has more than doubled, exceeding 78 years.

The envoy stated another remarkable transformation has occurred in the fields of education, healthcare, and security. China has built the world’s largest education system, providing opportunities for millions of students to pursue higher learning. Its healthcare system has also seen significant advancements, contributing to the improved life expectancy mentioned earlier.

Additionally, China has developed a robust security infrastructure to ensure the safety and stability of the nation.

Ambassador Zhou highlighted China’s evolution from a nation that couldn’t produce a tractor at its founding to becoming the world’s largest manufacturing hub. This achievement underscores China’s rapid industrialization and economic growth, which have catapulted it onto the global stage as a great power.

Turning to China’s relationship with Kenya, the envoy emphasized the profound impact both nations have on international and regional affairs.

He described Kenya as an equal partner and expressed China’s readiness to elevate diplomatic relations to new heights, promoting mutually beneficial cooperation.


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