Kenyan William Ruto to Grace Comoros Independence Day Celebrations

Kenyan President William Ruto with Comoro's leader Azali Assoumani, during COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

In a reciprocal visit, President William Ruto is set to travel to Moroni, Comoros to participate in their Independence Day celebrations scheduled for the 6th of July.

This visit comes as a response to President Azali Assoumani of Comoros, who, as the chairperson of the African Union, was hosted by President Ruto in Embu for Kenya’s Madaraka Day festivities.

The visit not only highlights the growing bilateral relations between Kenya and Comoros but also underscores the importance of regional cooperation and solidarity within the African Union.

It serves as a symbol of friendship and partnership between the two nations.

Ahead of the trip, the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) held a ceremony on the 30th of June, where they handed over the Kenyan flag to the KDF contingent that will be participating in the Comoros Independence Day celebrations.


KDF officer with a Kenyan flag handed over by Deputy Kenya Army Commander on 30 June. Photo Courtesy: KDF

This gesture represents the commitment of Kenya to support and stand in solidarity with its African counterparts during significant national events.

President Ruto’s visit to Comoros not only strengthens diplomatic ties but also presents an opportunity for both countries to explore avenues for increased cooperation in various sectors, including trade, security, and cultural exchange.

Such reciprocal visits and engagements contribute to the unity and progress of the African continent as a whole.

This will be the first visit to Moroni since Ruto became President in September last year.

Comoros President Azali Assoumani thanked President William Ruto for supporting his candidature to become the chairperson of the African Union.

Assoumani took over as AU chair in February for the year 2023.

”I thank Kenya for supporting the candidature of Comoros as chairperson of the African Union for 2023,” he saidin Embu.

Ruto stepped down from vying as the AU chairperson and supported his Comorian counterpart


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