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China Envoy calls Kenya Economic Ties a ‘Win-Win’

China Envoy calls Kenya Economic Ties a ‘Win-Win’
Image of President William Ruto greeting Chinese top Diplomat Wang Yi at State House, Nairobi on. 22 July 2023.


China’s top diplomat Wang Yi during a visit to Kenya on Saturday praised the two countries’ economic partnership as a “win-win”, according to a statement from the Chinese authorities.

Kenya and China have “become good friends with mutual trust in politics and good partners with win-win economic cooperation”, according to the statement from the Chinese embassy in Kenya.

With the most dynamic economy in East Africa, Kenya is considered by the international community as a stable democracy in a troubled region.

China is the second-largest donor to Kenya after the World Bank.

In Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast, China is financing the construction of a new terminal in East Africa’s largest port.

China has also loaned $5 billion  (4.7 billion euros) toward the most expensive infrastructure project in the country since its independence in 1963: a train line that since 2017 has connected the port city Mombasa with Naivasha, in the Rift Valley, via the capital Nairobi.

“The landmark project of the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway has completely changed the face of Kenya,” the embassy’s statement said.

Kenyan President William Ruto, elected last year, in a tweet, stressed “our commitment to strengthening the Kenya-China strategic partnership centred on infrastructure development, climate change”

China, the world’s number two economy, rejects practising “debt-trap diplomacy” as an unfair criticism from Western rivals who have themselves burdened nations with huge debts

Kenya’s economy is particularly burdened by debts of $70 billion, around 67 percent of its GDP.

After visiting Kenya, Wang will visit South Africa on July 24 and 25 ahead of the BRICS summit next month, a group that includes South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Russia.

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